Become a top 1% Design System expert with Nathan Curtis

Become a top 1% Design System expert with Nathan Curtis

Jun 24, 2024

Boost your knowledge and CV by attending this mega workshop — Don’t miss out on the best Design System training you can get Reserve your spot

We’re proud to host one of the best Design System trainings on the market: Design System Planning and Process live with Nathan Curtis — A two-day workshop on July 15th and 16th 2024

Our first workshop was a massive hit, so we’re bringing Nathan Curtis back for another round. 🥳

Just like last time, we expect the workshop to sell out fast. To secure your spot, please get your ticket as soon as possible.

This workshop teaches you how to scope, plan, and manage processes for features, releases, complex initiatives, and the development of a new library generation.

These processes are designed to help you achieve your vision, execute strategy, evolve teams, and create lasting value for your Design System.

Over the course of two days, we’ll cover techniques and nuances of these processes across different shapes and sizes of systems so that designers and developers can make a robust, high-quality Design System together.

What you will learn:

🔹 Scope, plan, and run processes
🔹 Create features
🔹 Deliver releases
🔹 Manage complex initiatives
🔹 Guide an organization through a new library generation
🔹 Achieve a system’s vision
🔹 Execute strategy
🔹 Evolve teams and practices
🔹 Create lasting value

Preview of workshop materials:

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