Into Design Systems Resources — Live at Meta & Automate Design Tokens

Into Design Systems Resources — Live at Meta & Automate Design Tokens

Apr 1, 2024

We are thrilled to share with you our handpicked selection of the latest favorites from the ever-evolving Design Systems universe. 🪐✨
Happy learning & hope to see you at our next event 🚀

Into Design Systems at Meta London 🇬🇧

Hybrid Meetup by Into Design Systems streamed live from Meta in London

🔥 Speakers:

Design Systems: The WhatsApp Way

Christos Kastriti (he/him) — Product Designer WhatsApp

LeanDS: Tackling Design Systems with a Lean Approach

Marianne Ashton-Booth (She/Her/They/Them) — Head of Design Systems, ITVX

👉🏻 Full recording & Miro Board

How to Create Data Tables in Figma : Best Practices and Figma File by Jordan Hughes

👉🏻 Create responsive data tables in Figma with Jordan Hughes’ guide and free Figma file. Learn Auto Layout best practices, how to create visual hierarchy, and how to create flexible and responsive tables the right way.

🔗 Article:

🔗 Free Figma File:

Optimising your Design System with Figma’s variables by Nana Chon 🧙🏻‍♀️

📚 In this article you will learn:

🎨 5 design system principles
🛠 Anatomy of the Product
🔢 Primitive variables
🌈 Semantic variables

🔗 Article:

Create “living” documentation of Design Tokens by Samantha Gordashko

👉🏻 What you need to know to feel confident creating and maintaining “living” documentation of Design Tokens using Tokens Studio and Automator.

🔗 Article:

📚 👋🏻 Want to learn hands-on with Samantha Gordashko ?

Join her upcoming session 👉🏻 How to name & automate Design Tokens at Into Design Systems Conference 2024

In this workshop you will learn:

🔍 Explore different options on how to start and get guidance
⚙️ Set up automations
📁 Get all templates & Figma files

👉🏻🎟️ Get a ticket

Frame History — Figma Plugin

The fastest way to archive your work and look back at previous iterations. No more manual hassle — get rid of the copy/paste and duplicate pages process.

✅ Save copies of frames you’re working on, in a single click.

✅ Explore a visual chronological timeline of your saved frames.

✅ Navigate faster with a time saving version preview.

✅ Easily search and browse through saved frames.

🔗 Plugin:

💪🏻 Creator: ColoRocket Team

😲 In less than 2 months we will kick off our big annual conference 🎉🚀

👋🏻 Join us to learn Design Systems together online! 🌎

🗓️ May 15–17 2024 — online worldwide

Some of our highly anticipated talks:

👉🏻 Nathan Curtis (Eightshapes) — Designing and Automating Component Specifications

👉🏻 Cintia Romero (Pinterest Gestalt) — Automating Design System conformance to elevate adoption

👉🏻 Marcelo Pavia (AEM Corporation) — Design Tokens Sets for Accessibility Needs

👉🏻 Nate Baldwin (Intuit) — Scalable Scales that Scale: Creating adaptive size and spatial systems for component options, viewport adaptability, and customer personalization

👉🏻 Jan Six & Mike Kamminga (Tokens Studio) — Static to dynamic: The shape of things to come

What to expect?

⚒️ 3 days full of hands-on talks
📚 Learn the latest Design Systems techniques
🖼️ Real Design System Examples
🧘🏼 Introvert friendly networking
🪞 Slides, resources, files & templates
🟢 Live & async Q&A
📼 All recordings included
🏆 Certificate of Attendance

👉🏻 🎟️ Get your ticket